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Our Services

We provide professional services of Statutory audit, Tax advisory, Bookkeeping, Company formation and Secretarial Services, which is provided by TCSP licensed partner companies.

At Grand Concepts, Kang Kewen Fisher CPA (Practising) and his team assist individuals, startups and small and medium scale businesses to achieve their financial success. We provide a high professional and personalized range of financial services including accounting and bookkeeping, tax advisory, statutory auditing, company formation and secretarial services.

Grand Concepts has been in businesses for years and our strong and growing clientele is our biggest sign of success. We care about our clients 100% and based on their business we always try to provide personalized and tailor-made solutions to them. If you are looking for experienced and trusted Certified Public Accountants for your business in Hong Kong then Grand Concept will be the ideal choice.

Statutory audit

Statutory audit of financial statements is a legal requirement for every limited company incorporated in Hong Kong and is conducted in accordance to Hong Kong Standards on Auditing issued by the Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants and Companies Ordinances.

Guided by the principle of independence, we, as a Certified Public Accountants of Hong Kong, will form our independent opinion upon true and fair presentation of the company’s financial statements and help the director(s) to comply with the relevant Companies Ordinances and fulfill their duties.

In accordance to Hong Kong Company Ordinance, every company registered in Hong Kong should conduct a compulsory auditing by a CPA every year. You can hire our Certified Public Accountant (CPA) for auditing your business financial statements and accounting records. The audit team of Grand Concepts will assist with auditing all your business financial statements such as balance sheets, cash flow statements, income statements and other accounting records including contracts, invoices, receipts etc.

At Grand Concept, firstly we very well understand your business and create a tailored audit approach for your business. We also provide our clients with proactive advice and recommendations which will help them in the future.

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Tax advisory

Tax advisory

Tax planning is an important part of any business financial success. Our business tax advisory services will help you build a perfect tax strategy based on your business. At Grand Concepts our tax advisory team is having in-depth industry knowledge and experience which will help our clients meet their business tax compliance requirements and other tax advisory needs.

Tax laws and regulations are changing rapidly and staying in compliance with this changing environment is crucial for any business success. Our expert tax advisory team will assist you to create value for your business by creating tax saving planning and opportunities which will help you to achieve your business financial goals.

Tax advisory services include the following:

  • Preparation of tax computation on your behalf;

  • Preparation of tax return for Individual, incorporated and unincorporated corporations;

  • Personal income and business tax planning;

  • Responding to queries from the tax authority on your behalf;

  • Representation of tax examinations;

  • Assisting in handling tax field audits and investigations.

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Bookkeeping is the recording of financial transactions. In accordance to the Inland Revenue Ordinance of Hong Kong, any persons/entities carrying on trade, profession or business are obliged to keep the business records of that enterprise for at least seven years.

Bookkeeping services include the following:

  • Accounting system design;

  • Maintaining accounting books and records;

  • Preparing financial reports;

  • Handling bank and trading documents.

Bookkeeping is a compulsory legal requirement for any Hong Kong businesses to maintain their day to day proper book of accounts and also maintain other financial reports etc. Grand Concept can offer you convenient and affordable bookkeeping services with qualified bookkeepers. Being the leading bookkeeping service providers in Hong Kong we always deliver 100% precise and quality bookkeeping service to our clients.

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Company formation and Secretarial Services provided by TCSP licensed partner companies

Company formation and Secretarial Services

You can set up a Hong Kong company by either a ready-made company or a new name company.

You need to provide a company name, name of proposed shareholder(s), director(s) and company secretary, as well as copies of identity card/passport and proof of address to us by fax/email/post.

Corporate secretarial duties include reporting to Companies’ Registry about any change of the company structure and key personnel. To ensure timely satisfaction of obligations under Hong Kong Companies ordinance (Chapter 32), the outsourcing of corporate secretary function is common in these days.

Services of corporate secretaryship:

  • Maintenance of statutory registers;

  • Preparing Annual Return to the Companies’ Registry;

  • Preparing documents for allotment or transfer of shares;

  • Preparing documents for appointment/change of directors;

  • Providing registered office and/or correspondence address;

  • Providing nominee directors and shareholders;

  • Providing annual retainer for secretarial services.

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Company De-registration

Company Deregistration

Corporation may carry out deregistration according to Companies’ ordinance, but have to fulfill the following conditions, for instance;

  • The Company has never commenced business OR

  • The Company has already ceased business operations for 3 months before applying for deregistration AND

  • The Company has no unpaid debts;

  • In case there are debts, deregistration is still allowed if the debt is waived by creditors/directors/subscribers.

  • Before a company carries out deregistration, one must obtain a notice-for-no-objection for deregistrations from the office of the Commissioner of Inland Revenue Department.

Before obtaining this notice, the company has to pay all the outstanding tax or business registration fee. As such, IRD may request the company to hand in necessary tax returns and audit reports in order to make an assessment. On the other hand, when deregistration is in progress, annual return still have to be filed with Companies Registry unless the deregistration is successfully completed.

Documents to be received:

  • Deregistration documents and minutes;

  • Notice for non-objection-for-deregistration;

  • Companies registry of successfully-deregistration letter; and

  • Free-of-charge document delivery.

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Performing Agreed-Upon Procedures

Performing Agreed-Upon Procedures

Agreed-Upon procedures is when the accountant is hired to issue a report of findings based on specified financial statement items.

  • The users of the report agrees with the accountant on the procedures to be used that the user believes are suitable.
  • The user takes responsibility for the adequacy of the procedures.

In this engagement, the accountant does not express an opinion or negative assurance. Instead, the report should be in the form of procedures and findings.

A representation letter is prepared that depends on the nature of the engagement and the specified users.

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